Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September 5, 2017

What wonderful weather for our field trips.  We will be going to Cedar Breaks and Parowan Gap on Thursday, Sept. 7.  Please have your child dress for the mountain with shoes they can hike in.  Everyone is required to purchase a school lunch.  The coast is $2.50.  If your child already buys school lunch nothing is different.  If you child usually brings a lunch from home they will need to bring $2.50 for lunch that day.
This week we have begun our spelling.  The words were sent home today.  Every letter sound can be heard in these words.  We have been working on sounds.  Please help your child to practice by hearing the sounds in each word.
We have also started our reading books.  We are reading the Cat Bandit.  Today we read two stories because of no school yesterday.  Your child has some papers to help them retell you the stories.
We will be finishing up our chapter on place value in math this week.
I have the materials set up for reading parents to come into our class.  If you have some time Monday through Thursday please let me know.  The times I need are from 8:50 (school starts) until 10:15.  Thanks for helping at home.  Everyone is reading and doing very well.  

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